Kin Batz, Maya’s Skull

Like all the skulls, Kin Batz is the guardian of the Wisdom of the Ancients.

More specifically, Kin Batz allows access to the Akashic Records, and gives access to the universal library, as its crystal is related to the knowledge of creation.

This skull belongs to Kayun Garcia, the last shaman of the Mayan Lacandons, the grandson of the great Chan Kin Viejo. In August 2010, during a traditional ceremony, Kayun transmitted the skull to Franck Echardour so that it could  work in France and Europe. It was the will of Kin Batz and the Avatar Pakal Votan to come, especially in France, to recreate the bridge between the land of the Mayas and the « old continent » with its roots in Celtic and Nordic traditions, so that the energy of all these ancient traditions would come together in this period of major changes.

 Kin Batz’s pilgrimage in the United States:

From  October 28th, 2011 up to November 13th, 2011 took place the first long pilgrimage with the holders of the crystal skulls on American land. Guided by the visions of the Mayan teacher Hunbatz Men, president of the Council of the Maya Itza in Yucatan, 13 crystal skulls traveled through the United States from New York to Los Angeles, to reactivate ancient sacred sites and to light the crystalline grid through large spans ceremonies in which were involved hundreds of lightworkers, in consciousness and in the heart.

Among the thirteen crystal skulls were, KIN BATZ and PACHAPUMA HUACA. We had the honor as carriers of these two skulls, to represent the ancient continent, Europe, in this amazing epopee. (See upcoming book …)

The energy of the 13th skulls was also mixed with the other ancient skulls at the ceremony 11.11.11 in Los Angeles, then was sent to the Mayan Council of the Yucatan during a ceremony in order to create a bridge of crystal light with the Mayan Earth and its sacred sites.


Kin Batz’s return in the Maya Land

This skull is important for the Mayans, and he will return to the land of Yucatan for December 21th, 2012, and he’ll take with him the rainbow flame that we’ll have all lit by activating the French and European grids.

Kin Batz is the principle which connects the two continents. Likewise, Kin Batz will be a major resonance point at the meeting of 12/12/12. He will catalyze the  meditations energy made on the terrestrial grid in France and Europe, sent by all the other skulls in action on the reactivated sacred sites in this holographic dynamic. Then he will be the transmitter of this collective energy on his return to the land of Yucatan.

Pakal Votan is considered a founding father of the Maya civilization in the classical period and he is also an Avatar, a realized Being. Kin Batz is particularly related to his vibration. This is why Kin Batz will return to Palenque, (the shrine of King Pakal Votan), during the pilgrimage in March 2013 organized by the Council of the Maya Itza, to be returned to his keeper for the day of the equinox.

According to Hunbatz Men, the date of March 21, opens the door to a new cycle of 5125 years, it is the next sun to the Mayans.

Along with Hunbatz Men and members of the Council, Franck will restore Kin Batz to Kayun during an official ceremony, so that the traditional culture can continue to live and bring us wisdom.




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